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So who am I...

...and how did I get here?

Writing has always been my first love. Like many young writers, I started by stapling together scrap pieces of paper and "publishing" books. At university, I found screenwriting, producing questionable quality scripts for my tutors but relishing the experience of translating my ideas onto the screen. That screen being my laptop screen rather than a cinema or TV screen. 

I attended the London Screenwriters' Festival feeling overwhelmed by the number of people (and experience!) in the room. I spent hours in the corner of seminar and lecture rooms feeling like I didn't belong. In 2015 I entered a script into their annual Actors' Table Read and was ecstatic to be selected. I received positive feedback from the professional actors and director I worked with and thought "maybe I can do this". 

​After being diagnosed with anxiety in 2020 whilst working my demanding full-time job (and during a pandemic!), enough was enough. I stopped spending hours researching HOW to become a screenwriter and just did it. I signed up to freelancing sites Fiverr and Upwork to provide clients with high quality yet good value script writing and editing services. I have achieved 100% five-star reviews and repeat business since April 2021. I've learned more about screenwriting and my creative process in the past 6 months than a thousand screenwriting books have taught me. My confidence has tripled in that time. 

And I now want to share this with other creatives and filmmakers globally; I believe everyone has a story inside them but needs help with the words in order to tell it. 

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