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Check out my script services below! Not sure which suits you? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we can discuss your needs!

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Script Editing

Have you written and re-written your screenplay? Do you need someone to edit and proofread your script?


I will:

  • Proofread spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Ensure your script is formatted to industry standards.

  • Rewrite and tighten dialogue and action lines to help your script jump straight off the page.

  • Provide a script report with detailed notes and feedback.


I use the Revision Mode functionality in Final Draft to edit your script but am able to utilize Celtx, FadeIn or WriterDuet software.

Image by Aaron Burden

Loglines, Synopses, Beat Sheets & Treatments

So you have a movie or TV idea but are struggling to put it into words? Here's where I can help!


Based on your idea, I will write a logline and/or beat sheet. The beat sheet will be written in standard Save the Cat format to break down your plot points and bring them together into your story and vision.


If you need me to consult on your idea too, why not add on a 30-minute Zoom call?


I have over 6 years of screenwriting experience and have worked with filmmakers all over the world to bring their film and TV visions to life.

Grammer Editing

Script Coverage

You've finally completed a script you've worked incredibly hard on over the last few months and years. You've made all the edits to it that you can muster but it still needs a polish. I'm here to help!


I will read through your short film, feature film or TV pilot and provide detailed coverage on it. 


You will receive an industry-standard script report including the following:


  • Basic film information (title, author, genre, length, project type)

  • Logline

  • Summary of notes (pros and cons, theme, tone, character, dialogue and plot notes alongside any grammatical errors)

  • Detailed notes of where the script works and where it can be improved

  • Overall coverage recommendation (pass/consider).

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