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The Last Faith

I'm thrilled to share the latest on The Last Faith by Kumi Souls Games, a Metroidvania gem inspired by titles like Blasphemous, Blood Borne and Dark Souls.

In my role as the game's dialogue writer, I've had the privilege of diving deep into its lore. The Last Faith offers players a captivating narrative and rich character interactions, adding a unique layer of depth to this immersive experience.

Kumi Souls Games continues to enhance the game, delivering a world that's both challenging and mesmerizing. If you're ready for a dark and divine adventure, The Last Faith is available from 15th November 2023 on all major consoles.

Laurels of.png

2022 Success!

I entered around ten screenwriting competitions in 2022, all with my short film script, The Looking Glass and have been honoured to place in around half. 

The most overwhelming was being selected as the winner in the short script category in two competitions overall! If you had told me a year ago when I first kick-started my career, I probably would have rolled around laughing.

I'm so excited to continue this year and enter more competitions, this time perhaps with my feature script currently in development or my TV pilot. 

Watch this space 2023 - I'm coming for you!

Tally Ho! Let's Go!

Earlier in 2022, writing team David Freedman and Jules De Jongh sent me a script to proofread. I was instantly thrilled by the story and the characters; I  hoped it would go far. Well, now the team is one step further with the project and they've been given the green light for production! Huge congratulations and I am so excited for the future of Tally Ho!

A Fabrique D’Image, Kapers Animation, I Heart Cinema production.


Golden Short Film
Festival Success

2022 was the year I'd promised myself I'd begin entering script competitions. I've been cooped up in my house way too long, my scripts never seeing the true light of day. Never did I think I would reach the final of the original screenplay category in the Golden Short Film Festival Awards with my short film script The Looking Glass. Watch this space for more!

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